Breed Standards


PC: D&D Miniature Cattle Company

PC: Crosby Creek Farms


Porcelain white with colored points reflecting Park ancestry. Having a minimum of colored points: nose, ears and eye rings. Colored or speckled feet are preferred but not required. The amount of coloring in points can vary. Animals with excessive coloring or ticking or minimal points is considered a fault. 

Disqualifications: More than 10% coloration on the head or more than 20% on the body is not acceptable.

Breeders note: HighParks™ that test homozygous for the Park gene will have minimal speckling. Animals that carry the solid color gene will be heavier speckled.


Long wavy hair including dual coat of downy under coat and longer guard hair. Shedding excessive undercoat and guard hair during summer months is to be expected but dousan and mane can remain. 

Disqualifications: Short slick coat indicating lower percentage highland genetics..

PC: NeDak Cattle Co

PC: Crosby Creek Farms


Preferred height of less than 45” at the top of the back when animals are 3 years of age.   Miniature cattle are less than 42”. 


HEAD: Attractive with broad set eyes and short from eyes to nose. 

HORNS: Horns are uniform and majestic.  Polled or dehorned animals are allowed as a breeder’s discretion. 

BODY: Athletic, beefy, long bodied.  Top line should be straight and generally parallel to the ground. Thick chest and rounded quarters. 

LEGS: Set uniform in width on the body, well set and powerful.  

FEET: Sound and in proportion to legs.

BULLS: Masculine and muscular. 

PC: NeDak Cattle Co

PC: Idaho Galloway Cattle

Presentation & Demeanor

Exhibiting a sense of confidence but docile, easy natured and not a threat or danger to handle.


Disqualifications: Animals that are not sound, unhealthy, underweight or of poor conformation are not accepted regardless of ancestry or pedigree. 

PC: NeDak Cattle Co