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Please login to register your HighPark™. Don’t have an account? CREATE ONE

To register an animal, you will need their basic information (birthdate, color, horn status, etc.), pedigree details, and three pictures showing front, left side and right side. 

Your application will be reviewed and upon approval you will receive a PDF registration certificate including your animal’s information, pedigree and the pictures you provided.

PC: Crosby Creek Farms

why register?

Registering your HighParks provides a number of benefits:

1. Shows prospective buyers your commitment and desire to promote HighPark Cattle™.

2. Only cattle meeting breed standard criteria are registered. This history supports the quality of your stock.

3. Allows the accumulation of genetic information and pedigree for future breeding efforts.

4. Pedigree and registration history is invaluable to breeders you sell to.   

5. Allows for easy transfer of this detail to buyers of your cattle.

How to Register Your HighPark

The online registration is designed to keep the registration process as simple as possible. 

It allows you to enter key information and upload pictures of your animal 100% online. 

1. Create Your Account

Create your online HighPark Cattle™ Registry account. It only takes one minute and is completely free!

2. Register Your Cattle

Complete the online registration application form, upload photos of your animal, and pay the one-time registration fee.

3. View Your Herd

Once approved, you’re cattle will be added to your online account and you’ll receive a PDF copy of their registration certificate.

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