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Supporting HighPark Breeders

The HighPark Cattle™ Registry provides a platform for breed development by helping organize your breeding efforts and keep track of genetic information. With no annual membership fees and our simple online registration system, we provide straight forward ways to support your breeding efforts and improve the quality of your herd. This shows your clients your commitment to breed development and presents your cattle in the best format. 

About the Breed

HighPark CattleTM

HighPark Cattle™ have been developed to capture the shaggy features of Scottish Highlands with the colored points of the White Park breed. As smaller statured bloodlines have been introduced, farmers with small acreage find this docile, durable and picturesque breed to be a perfect fit for their farms.

PC: NeDak Cattle Co

How to Register Your HighParkTM

1. Create Your Account

Create your online HighPark Cattle™ Registry account. It only takes one minute and is completely free!

2. Register Your Cattle

Complete the online registration application form, upload photos of your animal, and pay the one-time registration fee.

3. View Your Herd

Once approved, your cattle will be added to your online account and you will receive a PDF copy of their registration certificate. 



In 2018, the HighPark Cattle™ Facebook page and website were created to improve communication and begin organizing HighPark™ breeders across the country. To continue those efforts, the registry was established in 2023 as a grassroots platform to develop the breed and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas. 

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